Holiday Concert Night Performance

What an experience and now a priceless memory!  Our scholars performed like never before in their beautiful holiday garments. We thank our staff, students, and parents for creating magic.  I can hear and feel the rhythm of our scholars singing songs like HipHop Elves, Dominick the Donkey, and Pinata.  The diversity of the music was impressive and wholly aligned with our beliefs.  

A special thanks to Mr. Winfield, who took the above photos of our scholars. and Mr. Chesson, who helped greet our school family for the morning concert. 14E3C0EC EE60 4543 955A 12273FEDCF1466E3260C 6FD7 47BC B555 F8721D4429C00C5BB77C 8BAE 4956 B7BC DF4B3928766D2F58D885 942C 41F4 9800 0B6A103D49CB

Attendance Matters!

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