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About Us

Our Mission

Barack H. Obama Magnet School strives to develop critical thinkers and problem solvers. With a rigorous STEM infused curriculum and a project based learning approach, we will prepare students to utilize communication skills, digital media, and other languages to communicate effectively in an evolving world.


Our Vision

To empower 21st century learners by giving them the foundational communication, academic, and social skills necessary to succeed in a global society.


Our Curriculum

At Barack H. Obama Magnet University School we have a communications and literacy focused approach with three school wide themes: How We Communicate, How Communications Has Changed the World, and The Future of Communications. All units are fully integrated into the curriculum to develop students into expert communicators.  Our STEM Discovery Lab provides hands-on learning experiences to enhance the study of science, technology, engineering, and math. The Discovery Lab incorporates the Engineering is Elementary and LEGO Education curricula. Students also have multiple language offerings including American Sign Language and Chinese allowing them to be world-wise, culturally-aware learners and community members. Finally, through our unique partnership with Southern Connecticut State University as a Lab School, students receive support from future educators in a dynamic learning environment and make a difference by inspiring and developing the next generation of teachers.