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Check out the Elevation of our Fall Festivities!

Trunk or Treat and our Harvest Walk were a blast for our staff and scholars.  We owe our parents a special thank you for their support in making it a memorable experience.  These events are set to engage our scholars and strengthen our family ties among staff, scholars, and our parents.

Education should be an adventure for all!

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YNHH and BOMUS work to increase a LOVE for READING!

On November 3rd, YNHHS visited BOMUS to read to all students simultaneously. With 22 volunteers, including bilingual/Spanish speakers, scholars were able to engage in an interactive and enjoyable experience listening and responding to some all-time favorite pieces of literature. These experiences represent the joint efforts required to promote literacy and a love for reading.  

We can only hope to inspire our young scholars to explore the world of books and seek education as a gateway to success.

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BOMUS Is Going Pink!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are going pink!  

For a $1 donation, all students and staff can wear pink this coming Friday, October 20, 2023!  

Pink Out Day


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Trunk or Treat

Join us on Monday, October 30th for our FIRST Trunk or Treat!  If you would like to participate, the deadline to secure your spot is Monday October 23rd.   Please see the flyer for more details. 

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'Hats' a Great Way to Support Attendance!

IMG 1499

Attendance is of paramount importance for students as it plays a crucial role in their academic success and personal development. By consistently attending classes, students enhance their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, sharpen their skills, nurture their discipline, and establish a strong work ethic.

One of the critical reasons why attendance is vital is the direct correlation between class attendance and academic performance. Attending school regularly allows scholars to actively engage in discussions, exercises, and activities that complement and reinforce their learning in textbooks. Frequent absenteeism, on the contrary, results in missed information, incomplete class assignments, and limited access to valuable educational resources, significantly hampering the learning process. Research has consistently shown that scholars attending classes regularly tend to perform better on examinations and assignments than their counterparts who skip classes frequently.

Furthermore, regular attendance instills a sense of discipline and responsibility among scholars. By consistently showing up to school, scholars develop the habit of punctuality, which is essential in their future professional lives. The routine created by attending school on time prepares them for regular employment, ensuring they are punctual and dependable individuals. Additionally, regular attendance also helps scholars in developing practical time management skills. By adhering to a schedule and dedicating specific time slots to schooling, they learn to balance their commitments and avoid procrastination—a valuable skill throughout their lives.

Let's recommit and make school fun again!


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Dismissal Updates


So, we are beginning our formal procedures for dismissal on Tuesday, September 5, 2023!  Scholars have been issued individual numbers similar to those included in the picture. If your child is a pickup, please provide the designated staff member with a  picture of your child's number or the actual number card. Providing this information will prevent the given staff member from requesting a state-issued ID. Please do not share this number with anyone not authorized to pick up your child. Also, we ask that you keep all tags on your child's backpack. If your number is compromised, please notify the office. 

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Orientation Presentation

Hello Families!

We are proud to say that we had  close to 100 families join us for our orientation this past Thursday, August 24th. We thank you for your commitment and support in our efforts to start this new school year off STRONG! Attendance is our number one focus for the year. If our scholars are not present and on time, it is hard for us to ensure that we are providing them with the education they DESERVE.  This year will be powerful and filled with excellence. We have attached the link to our orientation slides to provide you with the information for the upcoming school year.

Orientation Slides

If you missed orientation, please call the school so that you can get all the required information for orientation. 

Please be reminded that we open our doors at 8:33 AM. Kindergarten scholars will meet their teachers in the front of the building while 1-4  scholars will be escorted to their designated locations.  

Best intentions,android chrome 96x2


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Orientation Information

Hello Families!

We are awaiting your arrival on August 31st (K-4) and September 5th (Pre-K).  Please note that orientation will occur on August 24 at 11 AM and 5 PM for grades, kindergarten through 4th. As for our Pre-K scholars, we will hold their orientation on August 30th at 10 AM.  


See the link below:




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Back to School 2023

Hello families!!! It's almost that time!

Please see the first day of school for Pre-K – 12 students for the 2023 – 2024 academic year below.


Start Date

K – 12

August 31, 2023

All Pre-K

September 5, 2023


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BOMUS New Family Meet & Greet 2023




















Hello New Families!  Please click the link below to view the New Family Meet & Greet presentation that took place on Thursday, June 8, 2023.    We are looking forward to meeting our new scholars in the fall!  


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A Message From New Haven School Choice


Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about New Haven Public Schools and our School Choice programming and process. New Haven Public Schools enrolls and educates nearly 20,000 students each year and operates more than 40 schools. Each of our schools is unique, equipped, innovative and ready to welcome your child as they learn, grow and explore! Please take the time to learn about a few of our great schools!

Navigating School Choice in New Haven can certainly be overwhelming for some but our team has developed a transparent process that is easy to understand. We hope that you will browse our website to learn more and gain a full understanding of how School Choice works in our district. Below you will learn about the 4 easy steps to School Choice in New Haven. You will never go wrong if you,


Let’s learn more about these helpful steps to School Choice (CLICK HERE). By following these steps, you will soar through the School Choice process in New Haven. Our dedicated team is here to assist you. Please be sure to review all areas of our website for answers to your questions about our office or School Choice. 

Afterwards, if you have questions or concerns please contact the Office of School Choice & Enrollment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 475-220-1430. We are open to the public Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm. 

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SCSU Day of Caring

Hello Families.

Tuesday, April 4th, is Southern Connecticut State University's Annual Giving Day here at Barack Obama Magnet University School. This day is a university fundraising event geared toward raising monies for SCSU's Caring Fund (a fund that helps provide services and essentials for college students in need, such as transportation, clothing, etc.) and its Center for Teaching and Learning.

On that morning, SCSU will provide a table with information on the Giving Day along with coffee, donuts, and SCSU Swag for our parents and families. Please view the flyer below for more information.
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NHPS Survey

Hello, BOMUS families!

Every year around this time, our district publishes a survey for all constituents to complete and provide opinions and perspectives. This feedback can potentially give the district and schools insight into how well we serve your family.

To support our efforts to complete a significant number of surveys, we ask that you take a few minutes to respond to the enclosed questions. 

Please click the link below to begin:

We thank you for your continued support.

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Magnet School Choice Application

Hello 4th Grade families!  The time has come to select a school for your scholars who will be leaving us to begin their middle school journey!  

The Magnet School Choice Application has opened up today, February 13, 2023 and will be available until the deadline of March 10, 2023.  

Please be sure to log on to and fill out the application to select the schools you would like your child to attend for 5th grade.   Remember the dealine is March 10, 2023 and no applications will be accepted after then.



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It is time for us to host our annual open houses. We have both virtual and in-person sessions. Check out the dates:

January 25th @10 AM- In person (69 Farnham Avenue, New Haven, CT 06515)

January 28th @10-10:30 AM  & 11-11:30 AM- Online- Go to the following website:

*Register online at 

February 4th @9:30 AM - Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 849 7898 3749
Passcode: 0TgZBV

February 9th @5:30 PM- In person ( 69 Farnham Avenue, New Haven, CT 06515)




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We are proud to announce that Quinnipiac University and BOMUS are partnering for the first time for a fundraiser opportunity. On January 13, 2023, @ 7 PM. We are invited to a college basketball game, which takes place on QU campus, M&T Bank Arena, 305 Sherman Avenue, Hamden, CT. 06518. Tickets are at a discounted rate.  Each ticket is $10. Please RSVP by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please send all ticket money with the number of tickets needed in a sealed envelope with your child to be collected by their teacher no later than Thursday, January 12, 2023.

Please join us! Remember 50% of all sales go to our school!!





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Holiday Concert Night Performance

What an experience and now a priceless memory!  Our scholars performed like never before in their beautiful holiday garments. We thank our staff, students, and parents for creating magic.  I can hear and feel the rhythm of our scholars singing songs like HipHop Elves, Dominick the Donkey, and Pinata.  The diversity of the music was impressive and wholly aligned with our beliefs.  

A special thanks to Mr. Winfield, who took the above photos of our scholars. and Mr. Chesson, who helped greet our school family for the morning concert. 14E3C0EC EE60 4543 955A 12273FEDCF1466E3260C 6FD7 47BC B555 F8721D4429C00C5BB77C 8BAE 4956 B7BC DF4B3928766D2F58D885 942C 41F4 9800 0B6A103D49CB

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Attendance Matters!


We aim to ensure that scholars are IN SCHOOL ON TIME.  Daily we review the data and check in on our families.  For scholars to make predicted progress, they must be in school. So far, for November, over 130 scholars have achieved perfect attendance for the month.  We have given certificates, and cool bracelets hosted parties, and will raffle off a few gift cards starting tomorrow.  Although we are making incremental growth, we still have a ways to go. We are calling all family members to help us in our efforts to ensure that scholars are IN SCHOOL AND ON TIME.

Check out our attenDANCE party for scholars who achieved perfect attendance for the entire first quarter. (See Above.)

Be sure to visit our IG handle @barackhobamamagnetuniv

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Harvest Walk 2022

Today was a beautiful day for our annual harvest walk. Scholars from grades Pre- K through 4th grade and our staff were able to showcase their most creative rendition of a given character. We had football players, princesses, cheerleaders, and several other characters. As scholars exited the building, our parents were kind enough to cheer them on. You can see their confidence and pride as they marched around the building. Although instructional time is pivotal, we must allow scholars to engage in other memorable activities that are developmentally appropriate. 

Thanks to all who had a part in making this happen!AC3A0460 1 1

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Open House

Screen Shot 2022 09 19 at 4.20.49 PM

We are confident you have seen our flyer for the Open House. Open House is an excellent opportunity for parents to gauge their child's year. On Wednesday, September 21, we will hold two sessions in the cafe, one at 5 PM and the other at 6 PM. Each session will start with an introduction of the staff and a message from SCSU. Immediately following the SCSU presentation, parents will head to their child's classrooms, where your child's classroom teachers will provide parents with an overview of the year. In addition, our unified Arts teachers will be in their classrooms, ready to answer any questions regarding students' experience in the arts.

We are excited to have you all on campus!


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